Wills & Estates

If you’re thinking of creating a Will or an Estate, we are able to help you through this process.


A Will is one of the most important documents you will sign.

A Will states what will happen to your property and how loved ones are looked after when you die.  Making a Will can be straightforward.  However, there is legislation that affects the freedom of a Will-maker, such as issues of relationship property, claims by close relatives and promises to make provision in returns for services provided to you.  It is important that you understand the effect of the law otherwise your wishes may be frustrated.  We can help you to prepare a Will that clearly and accurately records your wishes and provide you with sound advice to ensure your wishes are given effect.

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When the inevitable occurs, we support loved ones through the legal and grief process, ensuring the deceased’s wishes are carried out and the estate is properly administered.

We know where to direct loved ones to get the help and support they need at such a stressful time, and enjoy seeing them come out the other side of the grief process.

We have significant experience handling applications to the High Court in New Zealand for probate and letters of administration on intestacy (when someone dies without a will) and administering estates where a deceased held property overseas.