Ko wai mātou? Who are we?

Doubtless Bay Law Limited is a whanau friendly law office that is based at Taipa in the beautiful Far North.    “He tari mo matou” reflects the importance we place on putting the needs of our clients first.

With our technology solutions in the office, we are now able to assist you anywhere throughout New Zealand, whether it is a face-to-face meeting in the office, or a Video Conference over Skype.

We welcome your enquiry.

Where is Doubtless Bay?

Taipa is located 2 hours North of Whangarei. Surrounded by beautiful beaches and warm weather, Doubtless Bay has become a popular holiday and tourist destination.  Doubtless Bay Law Limited has enjoyed strong support from the local community as well as other parts of Aotearoa NZ and overseas.


We offer a wide range of legal services.  Here are a few:


We can help you with a Sale and Purchase of Residential and Commercial Property

Child & Family Law

Separation, Relationship Property, Day to day Care, Protection Order, Parenting Order, Guardianship

Wills & Estates

If you’re thinking of creating a Will or an Estate, we are able to help you through this process.