Notary public – Vicki May Ammundsen

Notary public – Vicki May Ammundsen

We offer a notary service to those who require a Notary Public to witness or certify documents or a Notarial act.

A notary public is a lawyer, Vicki Ammundsen, authorized by the Archbishop of Canterbury of England to officially witness signatures on legal documents for use overseas. An embossing tool (seal) is used to verify documents signed in their presence or to certify that the original document is in fact a viable document and a true copy.

The minimum fee is $125 NZD+ GST (per document), Please note the fee may increase depending on the number of documents, the complexity and the time required to consider them.

This service is available by appointment only in our Auckland CBD office (level 7) (Tuesday to Friday or Monday to Thursday) . Vicki can also take appointments Fridays and Mondays at Doubtless Bay Law in Taipa.

You will need to make available to Vicki prior to the meeting the following documents and information with you:

  • The original documents to be notarised
  • Your current passport or photo drivers licence for identification.
  • Any special instructions for our Notary Public.